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Business by Design

Design consulting along the full journey from finding the right problem to designing the solution and implementing the product.

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The Effective use of Design

Design consulting across the different phases of digital innovation form inception to implementation

— (re)ignite creative confidence in your company

Design to CREATE the New

Eighty percent of people worldwide see unlocking creative potential as key to economic growth yet only 25 percent are living up to it in their job. I bring back the confidence to the other 75 percent to unleash their creative potential, create new products and services for humans back. This works for executives as well as their whole team. Creative confidence often only needs to be (re)ignited - I do that.

How we create stuff

— hands on problem solving by design

SOLVE Problems

The day does not have enough hours to fit everything that demands your attention. It really is not easy to meet all your obligations in the day-to-day and still solve that nagging problem in the back of your head that you just can't make time for. In other cases, you may just find it hard to forge  solutions while looking at the problem from the inside. You need a fresh mind that helps you break the cycle.

Let's solve a problem

— Design your company for real

Your Team needs to GROW

There are thousands of ways to learn new design skills but many of them may lack practical applicability in your specific business environment. People come back from conferences, workshops and certification courses with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm but then collide with the existing ways of working and a lack of interest in change in general. Like the often heard "Agile is great but it doesn't work here" mantra.

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